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The word  that keeps the old generation calm and new generation  angry nobody in todays world liked to wait even for a single second and waiting is considered to be one of the most boring things in the world .

New generation is fast in every feild they want their results fast weather it is relationship
or weather it is  school results but as quote states ” wait for a while and every thing would fall prefectly in place ”  but if you look at current scenerio techonology has  taken over and its producing the results fast so the paicence  in people today has almost been gone  or lost.

Old generation is perfect for the word waiting because at their time everything took time to produce weather it was crops in the feilds or anything else every single thing took time . So they knew the worth of waiting and good things were also produced at that time so at that time people knew the power of waiting .

According to me i think waiting is worth a while because it can produce a good results and i think waiting will make all the things fall perfectly into its place so right things will happen at the right time and place .


No Face“I cannot mask, change, morph, or cloak my disease like a flaw in a painting. All I can do is give it a shape without a face.” How one fiction writer with depression turns his mental health challenges into monsters.monsters, depression

Daily Prompt: Border

Border :

this one word sends chill down my spine . if i brainstorm this word things like blood,sweat tears , smoke ,guns,glory ,victory,sacrifice etc comes to my mind and all the soldiers that have lost their life in protecting others and its because of them that we civilians are living peacefully out here and in recent news my deep regards are with the Indian soldiers who have lost their life and not just these soldiers my regards are with every soldiers in the world that are protecting out world .

Movies are a great way to inspire the young minds who have always known a little about what goes on the border.and how things work there and there are movies made on border but i think they are not effective enough to make an impact on the young mind .

Social gathering and seminar or webinars should be conducted on what goes on at the border because its equally important to be aware about the border and what goes on there and the youth today spend most of their time on the internet so webinar are the best way to get the youth aware about the border

Conclusion to what i think one should be equally be aware about the border as to the Indian economy  because more painful work  goes on at the border.border-735x400




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